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  • Value for Money Flight Tickets

    Search and Purchase Best Air Tickets online. Budget Carriers and Online Ticketing has made Air Tickets very affordable.

    Generally, the earlier you purchase, the cheaper the air ticket. You save more if you are flexible with your travel dates…

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  • Budget and Luxury Hotels

    Hotel rates could go lower closer to your travel dates. But, avoid this risk if you are traveling with children or on business.

    If you are not particular about your hotel, you could get very good bargains. In any case, be mentally prepared as sometimes the reality could be somewhat different from expectations. Enjoy anyway…

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  • Tour Packages that fits Your Lifestyle

    Tours should serve you, not the reverse! Be selective of your Tours. It should fit your lifestyle, i.e., tours must be enjoyed, not endured!

    If you are travelling with children or prefer a leisurely holiday (where you can wake-up late), opt for free and easy…

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  • Rent a Car to your Preference

    Cars are not just for freedom and control. It has to be safe and comfortable to drive as well.

    Do take note that driving is not advisable in some countries, especially if you are travelling with children. Traffic rules (if they exist!) may be very different from your home country…

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  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    Avoid just bare essentials. Be safe, not sorry. Inadequate cover may not give you the peace of mind, especially if you travelling as a family.

    Take note of the more frequent claims: flight delay & cancellation, baggage delay & lost and car excess (if you are driving)…

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Vacation travel should be bliss, not stressful. Holiday travel plans must be detailed in advance, especially if it is international and involves the family, adults must cater for children first. Here are some tips for 2012 traveling:

1. Read up on destination, including latest news

2. Look at destination photos and guide

3. Allow much time in planning, at least 2 months to 100 days ahead for family traveling, For example, if you are traveling in Sep, plan by Jul.

4. Select your destination (popular destinations: like Los Angeles & Las Vegas in America, London & Paris in Europe and Sydney in Australia. Great places for your trip: Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, Caribbean, Buenos Aires, China or Africa)

5. If possible avoid June, July and Aug, especially Jun

6. Check destination website and blog for the latest reviews and articles of your getaway. Advance information and advice on food and public events will make your stay more pleasant
7. Decide on the travel date and number of nights away from home

8. You travel cheaper if airline is not important to you

9. You travel cheaper if pm flight is ok with you

10. Find and book you flights first. Make seat reservation as it is usually difficult to change later

11. Search for cheap deals. Know your preference for hotels - city, beach, resort style, etc.

12. Be clear of the service level you expect: Budget or luxury - Price and hotel rates you are willing to consider
13. Search web sites for rooms

14. Plan airport transfer details

15. Day activities - tour, cruise and car rental

16. Search details of attractions online and ensure options for child activities are available.

17. Road travel is the best way to visit places in a country. If you want some adventure renting a car can be better than travel packages by train, bus or tour groups. Being mobile gives you great control in selection of popular location to visit and shop & restaurants to patronage
18. Purchase travel insurance for your break. Read the policy terms to make sure the essentials are included - health, car access (if you are driving) and special sports (if you are involved). Ensure that departing and returning dates are covered.

19. Things to remember for your journey: maps, medications, official documents, printout of tickets and credit card.

20. Top advice - cultures can be worlds apart. London, UK to New York, United States needs lesser cultural adjustment compared to remote islands in south pacific or some exotic countries in Asia

21. Get connected with social media: video your trip, upload to Facebook and twitter

“Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind.”
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“I am a passionate traveler, and from the time I was a child, travel formed me as much as my education.”
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